3 Week Diet Review – Is It Worth the Money?

Feb 16 2015

3 week diet review picHi everyone, hope all is well. I wanted to take time in this post to give you my impressions and review of the 3 week diet program. If you didn’t know, The 3 Week Diet is a new weight loss programĀ  authored by Brian Flatt which shows you how lose ~20lbs in 21 days.

Upon starting the program just over 2 weeks ago, I can attest that it does indeed work as described. I’ve lost ~11lbs and have dropped 1 dress size, which I’m pretty thrilled about. I haven’t had much success with previous diets as I often find it hard to keep up my motivation, but seeing the quick results with this program gave me a good initial boost and created a positive feedback loop to help keep me on track.

I particularity like the choice of foods the program gives you. It’s not like Paleo or The Atkins Diet which restrict certain food groups, The 3 Week Diet gives you some good general guidelines, but pretty much allows you to eat what you like while controlling total calorie intake. I can’t say I ever felt really hungry while on the diet. I think this is in part due to the plans advocacy of high fiber and high protein foods which help with satiety. These include things like chicken, fish, veggies, fruit and complex carbs, all of which I love to eat. As for energy levels, I have noticed that I am more ‘sprightly’ in the morning and am able to workout harder than before.

Overall, I’m pleased with the program and would recommend it to others who are looking to lose weight and improve their health. For more you should checkout the 3 week diet review by leanrunnerbean for a more thorough look at the program as well as a run-down of what’s included.

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I’m Back!

Feb 14 2015

Hi everyone, as you can see I’m in the process of getting my site back up and running. I’ve been busy with other things away from the online world but think now’s a good time to reconnect and share all of my upcoming adventures with you. Stay tuned for product reviews, tips and other general ramblings in the coming weeks!

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